Slums’ women going against all odds to address insecurity challenges

Slum areas are characterized with all forms of insecurity owing to the densely populated, poverty and huge number of unemployed youths.

However, in Kaptembwa,the, Nakuru West Sub County the story is different as a group of women have began embracing their role in addressing the challenges facing the society.

Under a project dubbed ‘Wamama na Usalama’ being implemented by Midrift Human Rights Network, the women have been empowered to take up major role in matters of security in society.

Speaking during a workshop in Kaptembwa, the women led by Ms Josephine Maritim are optimistic that a society can change from insecure to a more secure society if they are incorporated in various policies making.

While sharing their views, the women groups drawn from various villages in Nakuru West Sub County are grateful to Midrift for such an empowerment project.

According to them, this will help address the challenges that have been facing Kaptembwa,the and Nakuru West Sub County as a whole.

They are however calling on the government to work closely with other stakeholders and non-governmental organizations in addressing the challenges besides setting up a rehabilitation centre to help the youths who are into drugs and substance abuse.

“We have challenges but we thank Midrift for empowering us towards addressing the insecurity and other challenges. We are however calling on government to step and ensure we have a rehabilitation centre for the youths who have been addicts” said Ms Maritim.

Sentiments echoed by Ms Khadijah Ali who admits that as women whenever there is insecurity they are the ones who suffer more.

She is challenging the government to ensure proper mechanisms in place to address the youths’ unemployment as well as drug and substance abuse.

“The government should help address challenges facing women in slums” she said.

Ms Rose Omondi on her part calling on married women to ensure they take care of their families to avert social problems.

According to her, women have a paramount role in shaping the society and they should not relent on the same.

“We want women to be empowered so that they can take good care of their families and the society at large. In doing so we shall have less problems in society” she said.

Ms Jane Josiah in charge of the project at Midrift Human Rights addressing media says the aim of the project is to ensure the voice of the women is heard as far as matters security are concerned.

She adds that the project is key in ensuring collaboration between the community Policing committees and the women in matters of community policing.

“The project ‘Wamama na Usalama’ is focusing on incorporating women in matters of security at the community level. We came up with it after realizing that most women are left out in security issues” said Ms Jane.

While noting that there are no clear statistics on the rate of violence or insecurity in the community, Ms Jane reveals that Midrift Human Rights Network is working on how to come up with an observatory.

She says this will help collect all the data in Nakuru Municipality and Naivasha where the project is being implemented for action.

“We have no clear statistics but as Midrift we are coming up with an observatory that will help collect all the data in Nakuru Municipality and Naivasha where the project is being implemented for action” she said.

Midrift Human Rights Network (Midrift Hurinet) in partnership with Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI-Kenya) is implementing a five (5) months pilot project (October 2018 to February 2019) in Kaptembwo informal settlement, in Nakuru County.

PHOTO/Nakuru TV:Corporal Beth Kamau from Kaptembwo Police Station explains the National Police Service Guidelines for formation of Community Policing Committees and their roles during the Community Policing Forum organised in part by Midrift Human Rights Network with support from Canada Fund for Local Initiatives.

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