Slow start as restaurants resume business in Nakuru

Only few Restaurants and eateries in Nakuru town have resumed business after the government allowed them to resume operations but under tight restrictions.

A spot check around town showed that most of them had not opened owing to the requirement of  having their staff tested before resuming work

Yesterday restaurant and eatery  investors within the sector in Nakuru town are complaining of the high cost of corona testing.

The government on Monday allowed restaurants and eateries to resume operations but under strict conditions.

One of the conditions was on testing of those working in restaurants and eateries to establish their COVID-19 status before being allowed back to work.

Mheshimiwa hotel owner Stephen Kuria said that digital thermometers were expense and most low income restaurants might not afford.

He also cited the shortage of corona testing kits in the country which he said might lock most of them out of business.

He called on health CS Mutahi Kagwe to review some of the guidelines especially on testing of workers.

At the same time Kuria called on the county government of Nakuru to step in and help the restaurants by partially allowing matatu operators and traders back to the central business district as a way of bringing business for restaurants.

He said that most of them were relying on matatu operators and traders to make business and since they were taken out of town then restaurants might find it hard reopening.

Kuria said that the two categories can be allowed back into town but under strict instructions

Ambole Okata
Author: Ambole Okata

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