Senator Kihika to the aid of Rhoda flood victims

Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika has today extended a helping hand to the Rhoda flash flood victims.

Through her members of staff, the senator sent assistance to the victims consisting of mattresses and foodstuffs.

Part of the donation went to the victims near Pembe Mbili whose property was destroyed beyond salvage when rainwaters swept through their plot on Sunday at dawn.

The other beneficiaries are housed at Hadassah where the Rhoda ward offices are situated.

“Am very sorry for what you experienced due to the floods. Today, kindly receive what we have as assistance as we continue to look for a lasting solution,” said the senator through a representative.

Part of the donations made by Senator Susan Kihika to Rhoda Flood victims

The former MCA for Rhoda Ward John Gachiri Macharia who was present during the presentation at Pembe Mbili has sent his message of gratitude to the senator on behalf of the victims.

“On behalf of the Rhoda flood victims, we are very grateful for the kind gesture by senator Susan Kihika. The donations will go a long way in helping the victims deal with the situation,” said Hon. Macharia.

The current MCA Timothy Kabutu who was present at Hadassah has also sent his message of gratitude to the Senator for the assistance.

Over a hundred families were affected by the flash floods which occurred yesterday at dawn. Some were left without shelter and others are in need of food and beddings.

Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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