Senator Kihika takes swipe at NTSA over Salgaa road accidents

Nakuru County Senator Hon Susan Kihika has undertaken to step up her campaign to end accidents at the Salgaa black spot.

The stretch of road has been notorious in claiming lives of many travellers and leaving others maimed through road accidents. This has especially escalated over the last few weeks with several fatal accidents having occurred on the Nakuru – Eldoret road particularly at Salgaa and Sachangwan.

In a post on her Facebook page, Senator Kihika took a swipe at the National Transport and Safety Authority accusing it of failing on its core mandate.

“NTSA appears to have failed on its functions. An appraisal of the many fatalities witnessed on our roads reveals a deplorable performance of this institution that is at variance with the public expectations,” wrote Senator Kihika adding that NTSA cuts the image of an arrogant institution that is insensitive to the concerns of Kenyans.

Senator Susan Kihika has blamed NTSA over rising accidents
Nakuru County Senator Susan Kihika

According to her, the institution was supposed to end corruption on roads and clean the driving licence cartels by cutting bureaucracy and creating efficiency through stakeholder involvement.

To rectify the wrongs, Senator Kihika says she will petition the Senate Committee on Roads and Transport to summon the NTSA to work on a way forward.

“I will petition the Senate Committee of Roads and Transport to summon the NTSA management to review, interrogate and Audit its activities with a view to recommending its restructuring, including change of current management and instituting other remedial strategies, for safer roads,” says the Nakuru Senator. She adds that this will reduce deaths and injuries on the roads, stem human capital loss and grief to families and the economic losses due to the road accidents.

Continuing with her #EndSalgaaAccidents campaign, the Senator says the restructuring of NTSA which was founded five years back is a key component. She accuses its officers of corruption saying the accidents have been happening under their watch.

“Accidents keep occurring at the very watch of this institution. NTSA corrupt officers prefer to chase up and down trucks for bribes instead of strictly enforcing the Traffic law and Regulations for the safety and sanity on our roads.

Senator Susan Kihika in the same post disagrees with the closing down of driving schools as a way of stemming the road accidents terming it a kneejerk reaction and an insult to the intelligence of Kenyans.

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