Senator Kihika moves motion on proper waste management

Nakuru County Senator Hon. Susan Kihika who is also the majority chief whip has introduced her first motion in the Senate.
The first time Senator and former Nakuru County assembly speaker first gave notice for the introduction of the motion on 11th October before the Senate went on recess.
“Mr. Speaker, Sir, I beg to give Notice of the following Motion:- THAT, aware that cities, towns and urban areas in Kenya are increasingly getting overpopulated leading to overstretching of services and amenities,” reads the introduction of the motion.
Senator Kihika again moved the motion titled “Development of Effective Waste Management and Disposal Regulations” this week on Tuesday after the Senate resumed its sittings.
The motion, if passed, will see the National Government in consultation with relevant stakeholders develop effective waste management regulations and put in place proper disposal facilities.
The outspoken senator laments that urban centers in Kenya have become overcrowded which has led to the overstretching of services and amenities.
“I am concerned that improper management of waste has become a major cause of pollution of neighbourhoods, water sources and other natural resources leading to the rise of environment-related diseases which cause many deaths,” says Senator Kihika.
She adds that in most urban areas, waste is dumped in an uncontrolled manner posing a great challenge to the wellbeing of urban dwellers, particularly those living near dumpsites.

Senator Kihika on Facebook
Senator Kihika on Facebook

Senator Kihika argues that despite efforts towards dealing with the menace, the problem continues to rise.
“The problem (of dealing with waste disposal) continues to rise despite the efforts made to mitigate the problem through various statutory bodies, private entities, and communities,” she says.
“The Senate calls upon the National Government to take immediate steps to develop effective waste management regulations and put in place proper disposal facilities, including for harmful waste and that this be done in consultation with all key stakeholders,” concludes the Senator in her motion.
The Nakuru Senator has also taken her environmental conservation campaign online. This week she posted on her official Facebook page calling on Kenyans to take part in protecting mother nature.

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