Senator Kihika demands freezing of corrupt officials’ assets

Nakuru county senator Susan Kihika has called for the prosecution, jailing and freezing of assets for all those found culpable of corruption.

“If found culpable, their assets should be frozen and they should be made to pay back all the money stolen. They should then be prosecuted and jailed not only for stealing from the public but for denying them essential services and derailing the government’s development agenda,” Senator Kihika said.

Addressing worshippers at St. Simon and Jude Catholic Church in Nakuru East Ward, the visibly angry senator said enough was enough and state agencies mandated with investigating corruption and bringing to book corrupt individuals must expeditiously bring to book those responsible.

“Investigative bodies mandated to fight corruption must up their game. The suspects have been named and we expect those mandated to fast-track the investigations,” said the senator.

In addition, Senator Kihika has raised an issue with the banks that are releasing stupendous amounts of money to individuals without following the due process.

“How do these banks just allow millions of taxpayers’ money to be withdrawn without following due process? It doesn’t make sense when such amounts are withdrawn without trying to trace the source of the cash. We cannot have banks abetting corruption,” said the senator.

The Nakuru County senator has added that to effectively fight corruption, the politicization of corruption and bringing tribalism into the fight should not be entertained at all costs.

“Its individuals who are corrupt. Tribes are not in any way beneficiaries of the corruption proceeds and those trying to hide behind their tribes must henceforth cease the nonsense. Politics should also not be brought in and everyone should just carry their own cross,” she added.

The Deputy President who was the guest of honour at the church has also affirmed the Executive’s resolve to deal with corruption.

Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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