Senator Kihika challenges residents to do good this festive season

Nakuru county senator Hon. Susan Kihika has challenged residents to embark on doing good this festive season.

Posting on her Facebook page two days ago, Senator Kihika who has for several years now been marking the festive season with the less fortunate called on her followers to undertake even a small act of kindness to the needy.

Senator Kihika at Emmanuel Children's Home
Senator Kihika at Emmanuel Children’s Home

“I challenge you to touch someone’s life before the New year in your own small way. Look around you, am sure you can make someone smile, an orphan, elderly person or just someone in need. If you can spare even a single packet of flour, a kilo of sugar, a loaf of bread, a packet of milk and such,” posted the first time senator and former Nakuru County Assembly speaker.

“Let us put a smile on someone’s face this holiday season. No act of kindness is ever wasted. Who’s up to the challenge?” Challenged senator Kihika.

The challenge was preceded by a post by a post from a visit by the senator and her friends to Emmanuel Children’s Home in Rhoda Ward, Nakuru West.

“Its amazing how a small act of kindness can put a smile on someone’s face. Have you been someone’s light this festive season?”

Senator Kihika has promised to championing for the rights and welfare of children and the vulnerable in the society as she has always done saying that her position in the senate offers her an even better platform to do that.
“I will continue to champion for the rights and welfare of the children and vulnerable as I have always done but now on a bigger stage,” says Senator Kihika.

Over the years, Senator Kihika has been in the frontline supporting the vulnerable in the society. Ever since her days as the Nakuru County assembly speaker, she has been visiting and supporting children’s homes, special schools, needy families and eveen paying school fees for bright children from poor families.

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