Senator Kihika accuses Governor Lee of “Gender Contempt”

Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika has faulted the Governor for what she terms as “contempt of the female gender.”

In a post on her official Facebook page, the outspoken Senator accuses the Governor of treating women as second-class citizens.

“Governor Lee, treating women as second-class citizens is unacceptable, a bad tradition and it will hold this great County and indeed Country back and we shall not allow you or anyone else to take us backwards in time,” wrote the senator.

Senator Kihika was reacting to post the governor posing with several men whom he says are part of the technical committee to oversee the rehabilitation of Naivasha Hospital.

In the photo, the governor is seen posing with 8 elderly men, an issue that has also not gone down well with Naivasha residents.

“The people captured in the photo are not residents of Naivasha. There is not a single young person, no gender representation and no representation of people living with disabilities,” wrote one angry resident.

The Senator says that the appointment of the technical team devoid of women goes against the spirit of the constitution which demands the inclusion of all.

“Am extremely disappointed that the Governor of the great County of Nakuru saw it fit to constitute a technical team to lead the Naivasha Hospital rehabilitation project and NOT include a single woman on the Team! Gender representation is well spelt out in the Constitution and should be followed to the letter in any government appointment,” she wrote.

The senator is now calling on the governor to reconstitute the team. The team was put in place to oversee the rehabilitation of Naivasha hospital that has received Kshs. 300 million from Kengen.

“Am calling on the Governor to reconstitute the team and make it gender inclusive. Governor Lee needs to bear in mind women will bring a perspective to the project that may not be brought by men, for example in the Maternity set up, New Born baby’s facilities etc that the men may not have the same perspective too. We have women in Naivasha who are qualified and capable and they should be included in this technical team,” she quipped.

In addition, she has challenged the governor to ensure not only is the hospital refurbished, but a new state of the art facility put up.

“By the way, while on the issue why can’t the District hospital be refurbished but also set up another one (or two) State of the Art hospital (s) within Naivasha with the 300million. Didn’t Governor Prof. Kivutha Kibwana set up a modern state of the art Hospital in Makueni for 135 million? Time to think outside the box.” She challenged.

Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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