Secondary School Heads Association warns politicians against harassing Principals

The Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association(KESSHA) has warned political class against harassing Principals.

KESSHA Nakuru County Chairperson Kamau Manyara has raised concerns over what he termed tendency by some politicians to harrass school heads.

In a press statement, Manyara urged politicians or any leader who is agrieved to use the right channels in addressing.

According to him, secondary school heads should be respected and treated with dignity they deserve.

“There are channels that can be followed whenever there is a dispute. I therefore urge politicians to follow the same. A school head is not entitled to harrasment from anyone,” he said.

His sentiments coming barely two days after a Nakuru politician was seen confronting a school head over what the politician said was sending learners home due to fee balance.

The Lawmaker questioned the Principal in the presence of learners and parents, stating it was wrong for any school head to send learners home over fee arrears.

However, KESSHA says the matter was not to be handled in that manner.

Manyara says the Principal was subjected to redicule, which should not be the case.


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