Search mission scaled down as leaders demand answers in the Solai tragedy

The search mission for the missing bodies at the Solai Dam tragedy has been scaled down even as political leaders call for inspection of all the dams in the area to avert such tragedies in future.

Speaking during a Sunday service attended by affected families of the tragedy, Nakuru Deputy Governor Dr.Erick Korir said the county government and other stakeholders will work closely with the affected families to ensure restoration.

The DG also assured the families that the county government of Nakuru has taken up measures to ensure that challenges that might have led to the tragedy are addressed to avert such incidents in future.

He added that the county government will ensure land surveyor is brought to the site to try and ensure no conflict of boundaries will erupt after the tragedy.

The county government has also announced to cater for hospital expenses including the postmortem.

“As a county government we stand with the families and on Wednesday we shall have interdenominational service here on Wednesday and the county will cater for medical bills. We shall also ensure surveyors come to help address the boundaries” he said.

Subukia MP Nelson Gachobe on his part stated that the tragedy could have been avoided adding that some questions needs answers on the same.

The legislator also called on the leadership to ensure that the remaining dams are inspected to avert such in future.

“If the law had been followed then this tragedy could not have happened and that I why we are saying this is the time for the law to be followed” he said.

Area MCA Dr.Peter Mbae confirmed that indeed the search mission had been scaled down but noted that it was successful.

While commending all the levels of government as well as other stakeholders, Dr.Mbae stated that after the Wednesday interdenominational prayers then the leaders will embark on ensuring restoration of the families.

The families will be compensated and relocated from the school and have houses constructed for them.

“I must commend the government and other stakeholders for the unity and the love during this tragedy. We will have prayers on Wednesday and then we shall embark on restoring families. We therefore call on well-wishers to still contribute construction materials” said Mbae.

Dr.Peter Koros who also attended the Sunday Service condoled with the families but called on government to ensure that in future Dams are constructed only after engineers get to approve the same.

He also appealed to Kenyans to learn from such tragedy and ensure that law is followed to the latter.

“I want to call on the government to ensure that before dams are constructed anywhere engineers asses and approve them. This will help to avert such in future” he said.

PHOTO/Nation: The aftermath of the Solai Dam tragedy.

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