Sant Egidio in partnership with well wishers organize Christmas lunch for vulnerable families in Nakuru

Over 200 vulnerable families in Nakuru county had a Christmas smile on their faces after Community of Saint Egidio in partnership with other stakeholders stepped in with Christmas lunch for them.

During the event held within Nakuru CBD, every member was served with a plate of lunch as a way of extending the love of God during the festive season.

Speaking during the event, Francis Waithaka from Sant Egidio-the main organizer of the event was categorical that this is meant to ensure that the vulnerable also feel as part of the society.

“This is not the first time we are doing this but we just  do it to express our love to the vulnerable” said Waithaka.

His sentiments were echoed by Nakuru based philanthropist Rani Ramchandani.

According to her, service to humanity is key beyond everything else.h

She thanked the organizers for such a colourful event.

“When we do such charity work, we help create the fabric of the community even stronger” said Rani.

The beneficiaries of the meal were very grateful to the organizers for remembering them during the festive season.

It should be noted that Community of Sant Egidio in partnership with other well wishers has been doing such event evert Christmas day to show love to the vulnerable.

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