Salary reduction for all state officials as per SRC recommendations

The Salaries and Remuneration Commission will review the salaries of state officers and reduction of their salaries as by August in National and County Government as a way of solving the huge wage bill in the country.

In his Wednesday State of the Nation Address, President Uhuru Kenyatta said the Wage Bill has been a threat to the Nation’s Development agenda.

While revealing that he had earlier on Wednesday received a report from the SRC over the same,the Head of State said one of the recommendations was to review salaries for all the Public servants a recommendation that he welcomed.

“The wage Bill issue has continued to threaten our development agenda. Let me however inform you that earlier today I received a report from the SRC recommending the rationalization of salaries of all the civil servants and I welcome the move” said the President.

The head of state took the moment to appeal to all the politicians to accept the recommendations saying leadership is about servant leadership and not becoming rich through the leadership.

The Head of State added that the review of the salaries of all the civil servants will ensure that the doctors as well as police also enjoy the compensation for the good job they do for the nation and solve the public wage bill which stands at 627 billio9n shillings per year.

“I personally support the SRC recommendations and call upon all of us to accept the recommendations as they are. We should always remember that the calling of leadership is to serve not to become rich through serving” the President said.

The head of state also defended the Government over claims that it had borrowed so much risking entering into a debt.

The President assured Kenyans that the Borrowing done has been approximately proportional to the National GDP hence no need for worry or panic and that the borrowed funds will be used to ensure development.

On August polls, President Kenyatta while assuring of Government’s commitment to free and fair election called on politicians to shun politics and utterances that might divide the nation.

He however requested the Judiciary not to act as a stumbling block to the whole process of August polls by ensuring they are done on time.

“I would like to take this opportunity to request the Judiciary also not to act as a stumbling block to our ability to hold free and fair election and on time……..on time.I would like to call on Kenyans too to uphold peace and leaders should shun utterances that might divide the nation” the President said.

This was the last state of the Nation address by President Uhuru Kenyatta before the August polls and he took the opportunity to ask Kenyans to vote him for a second term.

The President added that the Jubilee Government had performed and a second term for him would ensure completion of the projects started.

Martin Gicinga

A writer passionate about Nakuru. I have interest in history, people, interesting places, technology and politics not necessarily in that order.