Ruto allies maintain BBI report should be people-centered

A section of MPs loyal to Deputy President William Ruto have maintained that their support for BBI report is to ensure that the issues within the report are people-centered.

The Legislators who retreated in Naivasha for the last two days faulted the manner in which the BBI popularization rallies are being done.

In a statement read by Bungoma Woman Representative Catherine Wambilianga, the MPs argued that the discussions in the past rallies in Kisii and Kakamega have been centered on personalities and positions of the political class rather than issues touching on common Kenyan.

“We commit to actively participate and ensure the issues therein are people-centered” read part of the statement.

The Naivasha retreat also saw the MPs loyal to Deputy President William Ruto resolve to participate, mobilize and encourage all Kenyans to attend the BBI rallies as announced.

The resolutions read by Saku MP Ali Rasso Dido also revealed that they will ensure mainstreaming of other stakeholders among them the business people, farmers, religious people, youths, professionals and civil society in the whole process.

The leaders have also proposed additional BBI rallies so that Kenyans have opportunity to air their views.

“We have resolved to participate, mobilize and encourage all Kenyans o attend the BBI rallies” read the resolutions.

But just after the Ruto allies released their report, Jubilee Party Secretary-General Raphael Tuju has dismissed the resolutions as not binding to the party because it was not a Parliamentary Group meeting.

Tuju said the meeting attended by more than 100 MPs and Senators does not qualify to be called a PG because it was not convened under the party’s constitution, and was not called by the party leader President Uhuru Kenyatta or a person delegated by him.

“For the avoidance of doubt, such a meeting cannot and will never be referred to as a Parliamentary Group meeting of the party,” Tuju said in a statement to media houses late Monday.

For a meeting to qualify as the party’s Parliamentary Group, he said, it has to be convened under article 9 part 7 of the Party Constitution.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:A section of MPs loyal to Deputy President William Ruto addresisng media in Naivasha on Monday after holding a reatreat over BBI.

Martin Gichinga
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