Restaurants flouting new directives to lose licenses

Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui has warned  that his administration will revoke licenses given to restaurants and eateries found violating guidelines issued by the health ministry.

He said that in as much his administration welcomes the move by the national government to allow the reopening of the said businesses, he will not allow them to fault set out regulations

Kinyanjui said that inspections will be carried out by county health  officials to ensure that all restaurants and eating places fully comply with the directives.

He added that he will not allow such places to compromise the health of Kenyans and expose them to the danger of contracting corona virus by violating government directives.

Among the requirements given to restaurants by the government included testing of all their workers for corona virus before resumption of duty

Other requirements include limiting number of customers entering the premises and observing  high hygiene standards

Most restaurants in Nakuru are yet to resume operations tow days after the government allowed them back into business.

Last month the government has banned people from eating from within restaurants as a containment measure against the spread of COVID-19

They were allowed to only serve takeaway foods something which saw most of hem close down due to the unavailability of clients.




Ambole Okata
Author: Ambole Okata

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