Respect Judicial officers,Deputy CJ urges the public

Deputy Chief Justice (DCJ), Philomena Mwilu has appealed to the public to respect Judicial officers and avoid acts of intimidation against them.
Speaking during a fact finding mission in Nakuru after a magistrate and a complainant were stabbed by a suspect during the delivery of judgment and a police orderly injured during the scuffle, Mwilu noted that security through the law enforcers had already been beefed up indicating that armed police orderly will be manning the premises as well as frequent patrols.
“Let us respect the Judicial officers,they are here not to create enmity but rather to ensure justice.There was need not only to tighten the security in Nakuru only but nationally so that we can be able to administer justice”she said.
This comes even as another incident occured just after the Nakuru one where an accused person in Kapsabet law courts attacked a magistrate but luckily escaped unhurt after a strong orderly dealt with him.
Mwilu stated that there are some loop holes in the society with regards to matters of the judicial system and thus the need to remind them on the behaviors they are to adhere to during court proceedings.
The Nakuru convict, Michael Kuhora on Wednesday Morning pleaded guilty to attempted murder charges saying that he does not know what came over him since he was acting under the influence of alcohol.
He is facing charges of attempted murder and obstructing judicial officers from administering their duties as well as stopping the court proceedings.
The complainants are the magistrate, Eunice Kelly, police orderly Regina Wanjiku and the complainant in Kuhora’s assault case, Edith Adhiambo.
Kuhora attacked Adhiambo after being sentenced to 3 years imprisonment stabbing her with a screw driver and later went for Kelly who was stabbed 6 times on her hand.

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