Respect gender rule, GROOTS Kenya tells Parliament

The parliament has been urged to ensure the Gender Bill is passed once the house resumes duty so as to meet the constitution requirement.
Fridah Githuku from GROOTS Kenya-an organization that is championing for women to fully participate in matters of decision making from grassroots level says despite more women being elected in the August polls, there is need for the bill to be passed.
While commending the electorates for the move they have taken in electing more women, she not that the country was now moving in the right direction.
“We are very excited about the performance of women in the last polls. This shows that the electorates are now changing on how they view women” she said.
She added that the affirmative action had really played a major role in empowering women to have their space in politics.
According to her, the affirmative action has been used to enable the women show their potentiality in leadership hence electorates can now move on and elect women leaders.
“Because of the affirmative action then voters get used to women in leadership and therefore it is so wrong for anyone to undermine the two third gender rule. I am sure in 2022 we shall have a woman go for Presidency” she said.
She was speaking in Nakuru on Friday during training for women on Sustainable Development Goals courtesy of GROOTS Kenya.
PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Fridah Githuku from GROOTS Kenya addressing women from Lakipia,Kakamega and Kiambu county duirng a training in Nakuru on Sustainable Development Goals.

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