Residents of Mwariki living in fear after river Subuku burst its banks

Residents of Mwariki in Nakuru West Sub-County are counting loss after River Subuku burst its banks into their homes and land destroying crops.

The residents who are now a worried lot of impending disaster are calling on the government to step in and ensure the matter is addressed before a disaster strikes.

Addressing media in the area, the residents said the river is supposed to flow into Lake Nakuru but due to heavy rains experienced in the area, the river has diverted its course to residential homes destroying property.

George Kithumbe- a resident in the area called on the Kenya Wildlife Service to step in and ensure a tunnel is dug to direct the water to avert destruction in their homes.

“We are appealing to the KWS to ensure a tunnel is dug to control the flow of this water” he said.

Similar sentiments echoed by Joseph Mwangi who claimed the problem has been brought about by KWS who interfered with the course of the river in the name of blocking animals from exiting the park.

He called on the government to consider the impending disaster in the area and act to find a solution to the same.

“This problem has been brought about by KWS in the name of blocking the animals but this has had a negative impact on the river” he said.

Stephen Wahome a farmer in the area says he has incurred a loss of over Kshs.50, 000 in the farm after the water destroyed his crops among them sukuma wiki and potatoes which he had just planted two weeks ago.

His appeal is to the county government of Nakuru in collaboration with the KWS and the National government to intervene in the situation and save them from further loss.

“I have incurred a loss of Kshs.50, 000 and I am calling on government to come in and help avert further losses” he said.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Effects felt in a farm bordering Lake Nakuru National Park in Mwariki after river Subuku burst its banks.

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