Residents decry increased illicit brew business as middle aged woman succumbs

Residents of Jawatho village in Njoro Town Nakuru County have raised their concerns to the government over increased illicit brews in the area.

The locals say the illicit brew is now being sold in licensed wines and spirit shops, bars using the back doors and even being traded using Jeri cans.

Their concerns come after a middle-aged woman succumbed after drinking the illicit brews where she was found dead in her house on Friday evening.

The residents have accused police in Njoro saying that they have been making arrests but the sellers of the brews have been coming back to society after several days with locals now suspecting police might be taking advantage to get bribes.

“Police are to blame since the sellers have continued to operate even after arrests. It seems the police are taking advantage to get bribes from the sellers” said one of the locals.

According to the residents, the illicit brews are now being sold and men have been going home at midnight despite the currently imposed curfew.

Residents are now appealing to the government to act swiftly saying that men and young men have forsaken their responsibilities.

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