Reprieve for youth as parliament seeks to waive CRB, DCI, HELB, EACC, KRA clearance Charges

Kenyan youth job seekers will soon breathe a sigh of relief if the motion to waive costly payment for Tax Compliance Certificate (KRA), Certificate of good conduct (DCI), Higher Education Loan clearance certificate (HELB), EACC clearance and Credit Reference Certificate (CRB) will be passed.

The member of the National Assembly nominated to represent the youth, Hon. Gideon Keter today confirmed that the motion is already tabled on the floor of the house and is now at the first reading.

This comes after The State of the Youth Dialogue forum he jointly convened at the Senate where the issue was debated and agreed that it should be done away with.

Keter a son of Kuresoi South told the media the costly prerequisite prompted him to approach fellow legislators and stakeholders of good will to strategize on the motion so as to end the thorns that have injured job seekers.

“Today I am a happy man to see policies tormenting my fresh graduates while looking for jobs are falling apart,” Keter said.

The Youth Senate President said it is oppressive to charge jobless youth thousands of money for consideration to job opportunities while they cannot afford to get the hustling fare, food and even access to healthcare.

Keter, 28, says when the time comes he will rally all legislators to pass it with no hesitation.

The old boy of Olenguruone DEB and St. Joseph Kirandich both in Kuresoi South says there is no need to award students HELB loans and demand repayment before they secure a job. He says this adds an insult to injury of poverty.

He added that the EACC clearance does not make sense at all since young youth have never held job opportunities before to be questioned about integrity issues.

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