Report rogue drivers, matatus via Mulika app, Kenyans told

The Mulika Platform has commenced sensitization program for public to be able to ensure road safety through reporting rogue matatus and drivers through Mulika app.

This is a boost to the government in the ongoing crackdown on non-compliant Passengers’ Service Vehicles-PSV.

According to Mulika platform National coordinator Grace Wanjohi, passengers can be able to report whenever they spot a rogue driver or matatus on the road.

“It is all about taking responsibility and ensuring that as passengers we also play our role to ensure safety on our roads” said Ms Wanjohi.

According to Ms Wanjohi, though they have been receiving reports on the same, Kenyans are yet to embrace reporting culture hence need for more sensitization.

According to her if the passenger can embrace the habit of using the power they have and speak out then it will be a boost to road safety measures being put in place.

“As Kenyans we don’t really take responsibility. We have the power and we should use it” said Ms Wanjohi.

In order to report, the user has to download the app via smart phone which will in turn guide on how to report.

Wanjohi says, through the app the reporter can choose to give feedback or report an incident of rogue driver or matatu.

She is however quick to note that the report has to indicate the number plate of the vehicle, the route etc so that action can be taken through a road block.

She called on Kenyans to embrace the same and ensure that they download the Mulika app in order to help restore sanity on the roads.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Mulika platform National coordinator Grace Wanjohi addressing media in Nakuru.

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