Register with NHIF, Nakuru CeC urges mothers

Nakuru County CeC for Health Doctor Mungai Kabii has appealed to all mothers to ensure they register for NHIF in order to benefit from Government offers on maternal health services.

In an exclusive interview on Wednesday, Dr.Kabii said this is a paternership between the county Governmnet and the National Governmnet to ensure mothers get services required through the NHIF.

“In 2013 the President declared free maternity services but then there has been a challenge in terms of finances submission to the counties and thus why we have now partnered with National Governmnet where the money will be remitted through NHIF, so I call upon all mothers to ensure they take the NHIF serious” he said.

The Nakuru County CeC for Health also reiterated the need for more youth friendly centers in Nakuru to help the many youths who are shying away from the real health issues affecting them.

Dr.Kabii noted that the County has tried to set funds for such but it has not been enough and therefore appealed to the CSOs to work closely with the County Health Department to ensure that is achieved.

“As a county we have tried to set aside funds to put up these youth friendly centers that can serve the youths but this is not enough hence we need collaboration with all CSOs dealing with health to ensure this” he said.

He spoke after engaging the Nakuru County Community Civil Society Groups on the Nakuru County Maternal and New Born Child Health Bill 2014.