Rani Ramchandani Foundation partners with other lobby groups in marking World Earth Day with tree planting exercise among other activities

Various Lobby groups in Nakuru on Monday April 22 2024 joined hands in marking World Earth Day under the theme ‘Planet Vs Plastics’.

Led by Rani Ramchandani Foundation, Lions Club of Menengai, Rotaracts, Slow Food Kenya and the Creative Club of Hyrax, they convened at Hyrax Hill Museum-Nakuru.
The tree planting exercise.PHOTO/COURTESY.

The groups engaged in tree planting exercise and clean-up as a way of ensuring Environment conservation.

Besides the tree planting exercise, they also engaged the Hyrax Hill Museum-Nakuru Creative Club comprising of youth age 6 to 18 years in various games, dance and sing.
During the event, Rani Ramchandani donated various items to the Hyrax Hill Museum-Nakuru Creative Club and also shared with them refreshments.
Addressing Journalists during the event, Rani Ramchandani reiterated the need to train young people to be environmental conservation ambassadors.
Rani Ramchandani and other partners during the activity at Hyrax Hill Museum-Nakuru.PHOTO/COURTESY.

The Nakuru-based philanthropist who has been supportive to the Creative Club at Hyrax Hill Museum-Nakuru, argued that the earth can be a better place if everyone embraces matters Environmental conservation.

“We all have responsibility to ensure a clean Environment and that is why we are engaging these young people so that they can be ambassadors towards the same,” stated Ramchandani.
Sentiments echoed by Rotaract Beth Wanjiku.
She pointed out that there is need for everyone in society to play role in taking care of mother nature.
While noting that Nakuru is now the latest city in the country, Ms Wanjiku tasked the county government of Nakuru to ensure proper measures in place towards addressing Environmental pollution.
“We are not yet there when it comes to matters environment conservation. We need to embrace it as a lifestyle so that we can have a better society,” she stated.
Geofrey Maranga- a staff at Hyrax Hill Museum-Nakuru on his part revealed that plastics have continued to pollute the Environment.
He added that it is a call to everyone in society to ensure a clean Environment.
To those who have a tendency of cutting down trees, Maranga urged them to stop and instead focus on planting more trees.
Similar sentiments echoed by Rachael Nawati who is in charge of Hyrax Hill Museum-Nakuru Creative Club.
She pointed out the need for young people to be mentored on matters environment conservation.
“The young people you see here are key on matters environment conservation. They have mastered the art of growing trees by taking good care of them,” she said.
Slow Food Kenya representative at the event Elphas Masanga on his part reiterated the need for taking care of mother nature and Planet Earth.
He noted that Kenya has good laws and policies but implementation remains a challenge.
According to him, there is need for more enhanced enforcement of the same.
“A friend of mine always say that we have good laws but we don’t implement them and they end up being copy pasted and implemented in other countries. So it is high time we wake up and address the same,” said Masanga.
Earth Day is an annual event observed across the globe to demonstrate support for environmental protection.
Earth Day reminds the world about the importance of environment conservation and sustainability, encouraging us to come together and take action for a healthier planet and brighter future.
The day raises awareness and inspires change, fostering a deep connection with nature.

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