PWDs call for inclusivity in fight against COVID-19

Persons Living with Disability challenges now want to be fully considered in the fight against COVID-19.

They say they have had to go through alot during this COVID-19.

Speaking in Nakuru during a launch of health report for PWDs on COVID-19,they pointed out stigma and discrimination even in the COVID-19 protocols.

Ms Caroline Wanjira faulted the protocols and containement measures which she says have no considerations for the PWDs.

According to her,the handwashing points are stationed in a position that is a challenge to the PWDs to access.

Wanjira narrates how she has had to struggle while in public transport vehicles to maintain social distance but due to her condition with the wheel chair atimes it becomes difficult more so when alighting.

She adds that for the visually impaired,it becomes difficult to ensure some of the containment measures.

Her appeal to the government to consider the PWDs in the containement measures to avert spread of COVID-19.

“The government when coming up with these containement measures ,let them have us in mind as PWDs.If they put us at risk,they are also making us more disabled” said Ms Wanjira.

Sentiments echoed by PWDs Kenya President Ambrose Lasoi.

He wants government to take action against perpetrators of gender based violence against PWDs.

The PWDs Kenya President also calling on government to address challenges facing PWDs during COVID-19.

“We want government to ensure engagement on policies,trainings for our people so that they cannot suffer anymore” he said.

Molo MP Kuria Kimani who graced the occasion also calling for the need to ensure containment measures are PWDs friendly so that they are not left out in the fight against COVID-19.

He says the MOH guidelines seem to leave out the PWDs which should not be the case.

“We cannot fight this pandemic if we discriminate the PWDs hence the government should look at such area.If we put them at risk,the lives of the caretakers” said Kimani.

This even as Nakuru county boasts of taking considerations of the PWDs.

County Director Social Services Wesley Kipng’ok says the county will continue to intensify awareness among PWDs during this COVID-19.

“As a county we have continued to engage PWDs to ensure they are not left behind in the whole process” he said.

Amref Kenya Technical advisor on matters COVID-19 Mr.Fred Bosire states that they are working in 9 urban counties(Nakuru included) to ensure PWDs are part in the fight against COVID-19.

He noted that already Amref has trained various health staff in counties.

Bosire adds that health is key in transforming lives and that is why they have been working in the 9 counties.

“Ours is to work and ensure that we have sustainable health services” he said.



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