Public warned against individuals masquerading as FIDA lawyers

Federation of women lawyers in Kenya -FIDA ivs calling on Kenyans to be careful after it emerged that there are individuals masquerading as FIDA lawyers in Nakuru.

Sophie Kaibiria from FIDA says such individuals will be traced to face full wrath of the law.

According to her, FIDA does not have lawyers assigned in Nakuru and those claiming to be FIDA lawyers are just but out to extort money from members of the public as FIDA does not charge any fee for the services rendered.

Members of the public are now asked to use toll free number 0800720501 to request for any service.

Kaibiria also called on the public to report anyone masquerading as FIDA lawyers so that action can be taken.

She spoke in Nakuru during a media sensitization meeting.

“We have no lawyers in Nakuru as FIDA. Those doing so are just but masquerading. We call on members of the public to report such for action” she said.

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