President Ruto strikes a deal with Judiciary, Legislature

Today, at the request of the Judiciary, the President convened the leadership of the Executive, Legislature and the Judiciary in consultations to deliberate on building approaches to fight corruption, enhance
accountability and to facilitate the efficient and seamless delivery of
services to the people of Kenya.
It was agreed that:
1. Corruption remains an existential threat to the nation which has permeated the three arms of Government, undermining our country’s tremendous development potential and sabotaging the much-needed transformation of our nation.
2. Each of the three arms of Government commits to enhance service delivery, fight corruption and promote the overall administration of justice to enhance accountability to the people of Kenya.
3. The Executive, Legislature and the Judiciary agree to individually develop policies, guidelines, regulations and legislative proposals to achieve the objectives of fighting corruption, improving service delivery and enhancing institutional accountability of all arms of Government to the people of Kenya.
4. Within 30 days, each arm of Government will submit the proposals
made to a forum of the National Council of the Administration of Justice (NCAJ) convened by Her Ladyship the Chief Justice. This forum will provide a roadmap for the immediate, medium-term and long-term measures to be undertaken.
To optimize the efficient delivery of service and the fight against
corruption, the Executive, and the Legislature, will support the
Judiciary’s request for additional budgetary support to achieve
among others the following:
a. To facilitate the recruitment of an additional 25 Judges of the High Court.
b. To facilitate the recruitment of 11 new Judges of the Court of Appeal.
c. Resources will also be provided to conclude the vehicle leasing program to facilitate the judiciary’s transport needs.
6. The Executive, Legislature and Judiciary commit to perform their
functions in a manner that respects, promotes and enhances the rule of law, institutional independence and respect for court decisions.

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