President Ruto Lifts 20-Year Caveats, Bringing Hope to Kuresoi South Residents

Residents of Ambusket, Chepakundi, Kiptagich, Cheptuech, and KTDA in Kuresoi South Sub-county have every reason to smile after the government lifted a 20-year caveat on their land. This long-awaited move, initiated by Nakuru County Governor Susan Kihika, has finally borne fruit, thanks to President William Ruto’s directive. The removal of these legal restrictions marks a significant turning point in the lives of the affected landowners

Governor Kihika, a staunch advocate for this cause, warmly welcomed the decision, underlining its profoundly positive impact on the local community. The lifting of the caveats empowers residents to fully harness their land for agricultural purposes, access much-needed loans, and enhance the value of their properties. Over the years, these caveats had imposed a heavy burden on the residents, causing economic hardship and devaluing their land titles.

Smile after lifting the Kuresoi caveat

Smile after lifting the Kuresoi caveat

During her recent visit to the region, Governor Kihika extended her heartfelt gratitude to President Ruto for heeding the call to lift the caveats and recognizing the substantial improvements it will bring to the lives of local residents. She also commended Cabinet Secretary Zachary Njeru for his instrumental role in resolving land-related issues and provided assurance that lands still under caveats would be promptly addressed.

The removal of these long-standing caveats signifies a momentous occasion for Nakuru County, heralding a new era of opportunities for its residents and fostering sustainable development. It represents a beacon of hope for those who have patiently awaited the chance to fully unlock the potential of their land.

Martin Gichinga
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