Preparations on top gear for upcoming Nakuru City Cup Tournament 2024

Preparations are on for the Nakuru City Cup Tournament 2024.

A total of 11 teams drawn from various wards of Nakuru East and Nakuru West Sub-counties are expected to participate in the Tournament.

They include Barut Ward, Menengai East Ward, Rhonda Ward, Kivumbini Ward, Nakuru East Ward, London Ward, Shabab Ward,Kaptembwa Ward, Flamingo Ward, Biashara Ward and Kapkures Ward.

According to Fixtures seen by famous Nakuru, Guest Team KDF will also take part in the Tournament.

The Tournament for Nakuru City Wards will see finals staged on April 27, 2024.

The winner takes home KSh 400,000, number 2 takes home KSh 300,000, number 3 will take home KSh 200,000 while number 4 takes home KSh100,000.

In addition, all participating teams will take home Ksh 25,000.


1. All teams must adhere to the planned fixtures as indicated above which includes matches being played on
2. Matches will be played at the designated venue and time.
3. Schedule time as per fixtures should be greatly adhered to.
4. Games to be played for 45 minutes in each half and a 15 minutes’ half-time break.
5. Both teams to be at the venue 30mins before kick-off. After 15mins late, walk-over to be awarded to the opponent
6. This is a knock-out tournament. So in case of a draw, it’s straight penalties.
7. Substitution per club will be 7 players done in the three available opportunities.
8. Players eligible for the tournament are from National Division I to Sub-County or local level.
9. Players should be from their respective Wards. Any player/s found playing and are from another ward, will be banned, stun action will be taken to the team.
10. FIFA Rules and regulations to be applied.
11. A player who receives 2nd caution able offence gets one match ban.
12. Straight Red Card is a straight send off and 2 matches ban.
13. In case of change of fixture or kick-off time, the team MUST give a 48 HOURS notice prior to the game
scheduled date and time.
14. Teams to have a maximum of 20 players and 3 Club officials. One of the club officials is the Ward MCA. Of the
20 players, 2 MUST be 17 YEARS and 3 to be BELOW 20 YEARS.
15. In the field of play at any time, there MUST BE 3 YOUTH PLAYERS, 2 UNDER 17 and 1 UNDER 20. This
is inclusive even when doing the substitutions.
16. In case of uniform clash, visiting/away teams to change and each team should come with two pairs of uniforms.
17. Each team to take control of their fans.
18. No player/players will be allowed to play if found to be drunk or used drugs.
19. Protest to be done before kick-off and signed by both teams.
20. Appeal fees Kshs. 5,000.
21. Each team to provide one playable ball. The organizer will provide match ball.
22. The tournament organizer will provide First Aiders.


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