Police launch investigation in after a woman torched houses in Molo

Police in Molo have launched investigation into an incident in which a woman is alleged to have torched family houses following domestic indifferences.
Addressing media, Francis Wainaina said that he returned home at 2 a.m when drunk before a domestic quarrel erupted between him and the wife Mary Wanjiru.
It is reported that Wanjiru attacked the husband with blows before injuring him using a knife.
The angered Wanjiru is alleged to have torched three houses and clothings.
According to Sammy Nene, one of the neighbours whose house was also torched in the incident said nothing was salvaged in the incident.
“It is so sad that everything went a flame which is a big loss to us” he said.
Cases of domestic indifferences among couples have been on the rise in Molo.