Police investigating Nakuru players’ theatre murder

Police in Nakuru have launched investigations into murder case that took place at the Nakuru Players’ Theatre over the weekend.

Addressing media in his office on Tuesday, Nakuru OCPD Joshua Omukata said the matter was a case pending arrest of known accused who inflicted injury to the deceased who was rushed to hospital and succumbed.

He added that the police are in pursuit of the accused and called on the public to give any information they may have concerning the same.

“This is a case pending arrest of known accused and this is the person we are looking for. I call upon the public to give any information that might lead to the arrest of the accused,” he said.

Nakuru Players’ Theatre interim Chair Barbushe Maina termed the incident as unfortunate pointing a blame to the bar business operating within the premises of the Nakuru Players’ theatre.

Barbushe added that alcohol influence might have contributed to the conflict that arose between the watch man and the accused identified only as Madiang’ leading to the watchman’s death.

“The suspect was sleeping after drinking and had blackened out and when the watchman came threw him out of the chair. He fell on the floor but woke up, picked a bottle and jumped on the watchman inlicting the killer blow,” said Barbushe.

While admitting that there has been a conflict of interest between some members of the Nakuru Players’ Theatre, the interim chair was quick to note that it was wrong for the former manangement to have leased the place to the bar owners.

The interim chair adds that the lease was supposed to be for one year but then there were some changes that were made without consultations to alter everything to read 3 years.

Nakuru Players' Theatre before refurbishment
Nakuru Players’ Theatre before refurbishment

“They said it is 3 years but all along our management kept saying it is 1 year. However, our treasurer says she signed a lease of 1 year 2016-2017,” he said.

He added that the bar was established during the renovations at the palyers’ theatre but after renovations they cautioned the management not to allow the bar there.

According to the players’ theatre interim chair, they have communicated to the bar owner not to have any operation without any written document.

He added that they are in the process of taking legal measures to ensure that the bar is not operating at the Nakuru Players’ theatre.

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