Police commander raises alarm over increased police-civilian conflicts

The new Rift Valley Region Police Commander Marcus Ocholla has warned over the increased police-civilian conflicts especially during the night saying that the habit should immediately stop for businesses and other activities to thrive across the region.

Speaking on Thursday evening Ocholla called upon civilians to report cases of harassment from his officers to other senior officers for an action to be taken.

He said that police and the civilians should live in harmony and no one should be harassed provided that there are no criminal elements.

Moreover he has urged police to take serious actions to those who fall in the trap of criminal activities eligible for a court process.

His sentiments comes after bar owners within Nakuru CBD and its suburbs raised their woes citing increased police harassment during the evening hours as early as 8pm.

The bar owners have said that police have been taking advantage to extort money from their customers saying that the act has reduced the number of customers during evening hours which has exposed their bar business at the verge of collapsing.

However Ocholla has called upon the members of the public not to take laws by their hands whenever they have standoff with the police officers and they should instead report particular officers for an action to be taken.

Photo/JOAN PERERUAN :Kenyan police recruits at a past pass out parade.