Pastors want relief food distributed through churches

A section of Nakuru pastors.PHOTO/Mwangi.

A section of Nakuru pastors have appealed to the Government to include them in the list of beneficiaries of the relief food during this COVID-19 period.

Led by Rev.Josephat Kang’eri of Free Pentecostal Church, the religious leaders noted that majority of the vulnerable are church members and are yet to get the relief food.

It is for this reason that the clergy had urged both the national and county government of Nakuru to consider churches in terms of the relief food.

The religious leaders argue that they can reach majority of the vulnerable hence the county government of Nakuru should ensure relief food meant for vulnerable is also given to churches where the pastors will help reach the needy.

“We want to call on county government led by Governor Lee Kinyanjui to reach out to church leaders in terms of the food program for the vulnerable”said Rev.Kang’ere.

Similar sentiments echoed by Bishop Charles Njoya from Grace Holy Church Kenya.

According to the Clergy, collaboration between the goverment and the religious leaders is key.

He noted that, ” churches have numerous programs on orphans and widows hence religious leaders are on a good position to help reach out”.

The Archibishop Grace Holy Churches Kenya also appealing to President Uhuru Kenyatta to consider re-opening church operations.


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