Passengers feel the pinch due crackdown on non-compliant PSVs

Passengers have already begun to feel the pinch following the nationwide crackdown on non-compliant Public Service Vehicle (PSVs), operators and passengers.

A spot check at the Nakuru Central Police station, several vehicles have been impounded for one reason or another with passengers having to suffer the consequences of the crackdown.

Some of the passengers we caught up with in one of the buses that was headed to Busia from Mombasa stating that they had been arrested more than twice on their way.

According to the passengers, the bus had been arrested even after involving in an accident near Mariakani leaving many with injuries.

They say the vehicle they were travelling in was now in bad condition and they had to board another vehicle only to the arrested in Naivasha and Nakuru respectively where the driver was to appear in court.

The tired passengers are however optimistic that the journey will be successful and they will reach their destination-Busia.

However, they are quick to note that the new measures being put in place to restore sanity on the roads are painful to the passengers who have to be subjected to a lot of sufferings due to mistakes of the vehicle owners.

“The laws are not helping us. We have been involved in accident twice since our journey started but when we try to explain to the police they are not listening to us. We have been here for more than 3 hours” said one of the passengers.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Passengers camp outside Nakuru Central Police Station after the driver of the bus they were travelling in was arrested in the ongoing crackdown.

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