Parents warned against going shopping with children

Parents and guardians in Nakuru County have been warned against tagging their children along when going for shopping or allowing them to gather in play grounds and other social places.

Nakuru County Commissioner Erastus Mbui said that parents found going shopping with their children will be dealt with.

He reminded parents that children were removed from schools with a reason and that they should not violate that logic.

The County Commissioner reiterated that it will be reasonable if every household could only send one person for shopping,something he said will help reduce congestion and overcrowding in shopping places

Mbui said that it makes no sense for the government to recall children from schools as  measure of avoiding overcrowding only for parents to allow them go out and play in groups.

The County security committee chairman added that children should be forced to stay at home adding that it was the responsibility of parents to do so.

At the same time he warned play station owners against operating when the government has ordered closure of social places.

He pointed out that such places have continued to admit children something he said can easily create an environment for the spread of Corona virus.

Mbui spoke co-chairing the county corona virus emergency response team with Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui.


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