Parents urged to take sound responsibility of their children

Njoro MP Charity Kathambi.PHOTO/Courtesy Kahawa chungu.

Parents have been urged to take responsibility of their children during this time when the country is fighting for its people over COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic has paralyzed the education sector and most recently social affairs where keeping distance and regularly hand washing practice has been made the song that many were not used to.

In Nakuru, parents have been blamed for letting loose their children who have been more often flocking trading centers for basic needs shopping.

This,many terming as a threat to spreading corona virus on the basis that majority might not be conversant with the set precautionary measures.

Njoro MP Charity Kathambi calling on parents to take responsibility and ensure their children do not loiter in trading centres.

“This is time that parents should ensure their children are safe by watching their movements.This is not a holiday like any other but the children are at home due to COVID-19” the MP said.

She has advised parents to be making the movements to shops and markets on their own instead of sending innocent kids who might be tempted to play with fellows on their way saying that sending them might put the whole community at risk if a single child contact the virus and mingle with friends while playing and later with family members.

Sentiments echoed by Waseges ward MCA Kiriethe Ndigirigi who called on the Government to constitute a law that will restrict movement of children to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.


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