Parents urged to support teachers in addressing absenteeism among learners

Parents have been urged to work closely with teachers in addressing the issue of absenteeism among learners.

Kisulisuli Primary School Headteacher Mr.Julius Ogutu admitted that absenteeism had continued to affect the learners who miss out lessons.

Speaking to, the Headteacher noted that due to poor backgrounds some parents have neglected their parenthood responsibility.

He pointed out that a section of parents seem not to take education seriously.

According to him, some cases of absenteeism are due to behavioral aspects of the learners.

“Absenteeism is one of the challenges in this school. You find that in every class atleast two or three learners miss school on a single day,” he stated.

Mr.Ogutu noted that the school found in Eastern zone of Nakuru East Sub county can do better if the issue of absenteeism is addressed.

He challenged parents to support the school by ensuring children are in class.

According to him, a teacher cannot do their work effectively when learners are absent.

He also called on parents to keep in touch with class teachers whenever their children are absent.

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