Parents told to take good care of children during COVID-19 crisis

Parents have been called upon to fully take up their responsibility of looking after their children during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nakuru County Women Representative Liza Chelule said that this was the time for parents to show real love,leadership and guidance to their children since they are spending most of the time together.

She said that parents must not only take care of their children  but they must to it well

Chelule noted that a  time like this when  children are home for a very long period  is when they  need the most care and guidance from parents

She added that it will be wrong for parents not to focus on the needs of their children at this particular time.

“This is a time for parents to come together and ensure that their children are given the guidance they need,” she said.

At the same time she challenged men who are heads of households to take up their role and assist their wives in guiding their children.

The Women Rep reminded men whose wives are pregnant to ensure that they support them with  home duties and protect them from overworking.

She spoke when she flagged off a consignment of food items, water tanks, face masks  and hand washing soap to be distributed to vulnerable families in all the eleven sub-counties in Nakuru.

Ambole Okata
Author: Ambole Okata

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