Outstanding officers at Nakuru Central Police to be awarded by CPC

Nakuru East Community Policing Committee has revealed that it will be awarding all outstanding Police Officers from the Nakuru Central Police station in Nakuru East Sub County.

Speaking during an interview on Friday, Nakuru East Community Policing Committee chairman Evans Ekaliche said this is one way of showing the good relationship between the police officers and members of the community.

While noting that police officers have been receiving similar awards From Independent Police Oversight Authority-IPOA, Ekaliche was categorical that this time round to the surprise of many the awards will be given by members of the community.

He revealed that they have been going around the community collecting views from members of the public concerning the performance of police officers and the views collected have been considered in awarding the officers.

The ceremony will take place at the Nakuru Central Police station on Tuesday 1st October.

“We felt it is high time that we appraise our officers for the good job they are doing and this will also enhance good relationship” said Ekaliche.

Nakuru East Community Policing Committee also revealing that they will continue to work closely with police and other stakeholders in ensuring that there is conducive working environment at the Nakuru Central Police station.

Ekaliche also calling on members of the public to continue volunteering information to the police on any organized criminal groupings in Nakuru.

He says this is the only way that crime can be combated in Nakuru town and its environs.

“We need to work closely with police in combating crime by volunteering information” he said.

Similar sentiments echoed by Bishop Kaisha Albert who is also a member of the Nakuru East Community Policing Committee at Central Police station.

He lauded police officers at the Central Police station stating that the officers have transformed and are able to communicate with members of the public.

According to Bishop Kaisha,this has also earned them confidence from members of the public.

“I can say 60 percent of police officers have transformed from force to service and there is also good relationship with members of the public” said Kaisha.

Community policing is anchored on the premise that partnership between policing agencies and the communities they operate in is crucial in turning the tide against crime. Available reports indicate that policing agencies require support from local communities to prevent and/or reduce crime.

This, therefore, calls for improved relationships between policing agencies and local communities as highlighted in the 2009 Report of the National Task Force on Police Reforms in Kenya.

In the Kenya Police Service Strategic Plan 2003-2007, “Promotion of collaborative partnerships between the communities, local authorities and the Police Service” is highlighted as one of the strategies in crime prevention.

Also, the Revised Police Reforms Programme 2015-2018 lays emphasis on the need to strengthen the practice of community policing and Usalama Msingi initiative as a crime deterrent measure.

PHOTO/National Police service:Police officers during a past parade.