Our House not yet in order, Nakuru Jubilee aspirants say

A section of Nakuru Jubilee aspirants have raised their fear of unfair nominations in the forthcoming Jubilee Party nominations.

Addressing media in Nakuru led by Eng.Victor Ngatia an aspirant for Nakuru Town West and Moses Gitonga who is eyeing the Gilgil seat, they called on the party headquarters to look keenly into various issues of concern among them the Jubilee smart cards as well as representation and poor flow of communication.

Ngatia questioned why the Jubilee smart cards were being withheld by the incumbent leaders yet they were supposed to be distributed equally.

“It is in the public dormain that the smart cards are being withheld by the incumbent. We would like to0 know how many cards were distributed, the criteria used and what the party is doing after we raised the concern of cards being withheld in our county” said Ngatia.

On publicity materials, Ngatia raised their worry as aspirants that the materials might end up with few individuals hence hindering the party activations.

While calling on the Jubilee Party to ensure full involvement of party matters by all aspirants, the Nakuru Town West aspirant also called on the party to ensure that there is proper flow of information to every aspirant.

This he said can be achieved if the party will devolve its structures to the grassroot level and proper mechanisms of information flow.

“We have not devolved the Jubilee party which in essence creates a room for rigging by the incumbents. The offices including the one in Nakuru should be checked since we have heard of some individuals campaigning for some preferred candidates which is agains the President and deputy wish” said Ngatia.

His sentiments were echoed by National Citizen Engagement Forum-NACEF Chair Moses Gitonga.

Gitonga who is eying the Gilgil Parliamentary seat called on Jubilee Party to ensure a 50% waiver for all women eyeing seats adding that the party nomination rules should be published and every aspirant made aware of them.

The aspirants also called on the President and His deputy to ensure that they convene a meeting with all Jubilee aspirants in Nakuru to address the concerns raised in order to safeguard the party interests.

“As Nakuru aspirants we are calling on the Jubilee Party to ensure 50% waiver for all women. We also demand the publication of nomination guidelines to all aspirants as well as urge the President to convene a meeting in Nakuru to address issues raised” said Gitonga.

This comes even as the Jubilee party is yet to decide whether the smart cards will be used during party primaries or not especially after concerns were raised.

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