Opinion: Who will save the Boy Child?

It is sad that boy child is expected to be the stronger one despite the fact he is not getting any kind of support to retain his masculinity. Even simple things like emotional support have been taken away. The society demands on him are pushing him so close to the edge and the results are clear, either he takes his life or he wipes away the entire family.

I think a man is also human with unique needs and deserves to be heard and considered.

The death of such a young man affects many people, his children, the mother, spouse, brothers and sisters and it sends a strong message just like so many others that have been seen before, that the boy child is calling.

Ask any mother about the pain of losing a child ( regardless of gender). It is very painful. But where are we when our fellow women lose their sons for political reasons, extrajudicial killings, Gender-Based Violence, crime and drugs?

The truth is we are not as loud. Does it mean the pain of losing a daughter is much more than that of losing a son? Where in our hearts do we keep these women, do we ever share in their pain???

Every child is precious to a mother.

The many men in the corporate world against the fewer number of women are as a result of a bad system. Our grandfathers discriminated against women and girls then, but my son and your son SHOULD not be made to pay for that bad system.

The further we leave the boy child to fall, the harder it will be to pick him up.


Bernard Macharia is a Human Rights defender based in Naivasha Sub-County, Nakuru County. He’s a champion for protection of Human Rights and Human Dignity.

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