Opinion – Despite the losses, UDA is still the party to beat

The last time I checked, Kenya had a total of 65 registered parties. I can bet if you were told to name these parties, you would not be able to go beyond 10. I can also safely bet that among the ten parties you’ll mention, the newly launched UDA party would be among them.

Less than three months since it was unveiled, the party has an elected MCA and has fielded candidates in several other by-elections. The party may not have won but has almost always managed a strong number two.

Less than three months since it was launched, it’s among the top five most recognizable parties in Kenya. It is a household name, and the pace at which it’s making inroads is proof that come 2022, the United Democratic Alliance Party of Kenya (UDA) will be the party to beat.

Having lost in some of the by-elections, and having decided not to field a candidate in Juja, some people are taking this as proof that the party has lost its momentum and may not be the dragon it is said to be. However, I wish to caution anyone taking UDA as a joke to do that at the risk of getting embarrassed in the near future.

UDA is simply taking these by-elections as an opportunity to popularize the party. We all agree that UDA is the newest party in the country, and we can all admit that the people currently associated with UDA are not people prone to losing; at least not in politics.

So huge is the wave of the UDA party that several tribal cocoon parties have literally joined hands in an effort not based on ideology BUT thirst to beat UDA.

And this sign of near desperation has ultimately catapulted the mass support enjoyed by UDA across the nation.

Both the Jubilee party and ODM which currently have the most number of legislators know that the party to beat come 2022 is UDA. In a country where parties are more regional than national, we can expect UDA to carry the day as the most nationalist party come the next general elections. The party will not only produce the president but will also have the most number of MPs, Senators and MCAs.

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