Operationalise Constitutional 2/3 principle, lobby group tells MPs

The two thirds gender Principle is a constitutional requirement and should be operationalized through the Bill before the national assembly.

Nakuru Based Midrift Human Rights Network Chief Executive Officer Mr.Joseph Omondi in an exclusive interview slammed MPs whom he says have a mission to do away with the Bill.

According to Mr.Omondi, since the Principle of 2/3 is constitutional, the only way to do away with it is through a referendum.

“The Bill should be operationalized since it is a Principle in our constitution. We cannot do away with the Bill before the house unless we go for a referendum” he said.

He said both genda are paramount for the development of the nation adding that research has shown that the two gender sitting together can deliver as far as good legislation and policies are concerned.

However, he is quick to note that female gender is yet to be fully embraced in the political arena and much has to be done to ensure such.

According to him, the constitution of Kenya 2010 was not negotiable and that the crisis being felt now is because of the poor process of nomination slots.

“The constitution of Kenya 2010 was not negotiable and the nomination process in meeting the gender requirement is what should be looked into” said Omondi.

He also took an issue with MPs over the Parliamentary Service Commission Bill 2018 that has elicited mixed reactions.

According to Omondi, Kenyan MPs are among the best paid legislators across the world and that is saddens when they say they deserve salary hike.

He noted that Legislature as an arm of government does not contribute to the growth of the economy to guarantee more resources to the Institution.

“It saddens when Kenyan MPs say they are underpaid. They are not special lot in our economy and as a matter of fact they do not even account for the numerous funds they have under their docket” he said.

He said the Constitution has mandated Salaries and Remuneration Commission with salary matters and MPs should respect that rather than coming up another commission for their salaries and remuneration as legislators.

He said as civil society groups they might be forced to move to court over the behaviors of MPs adding that the Parliamentary Service Commission Bill 2018 was not subjected to Public participation.

On the achievements of Civil society groups since independence, Mr.Omondi is categorical that there is need for more civic education since majority of Kenyans still sing the tune of politicians even when they do wrong in society.

He says many a times the civil society and lobby groups have tried to push for some policies but then the public will sit back instead of supporting such development.

“My perception is that a time there is apathy when you fight for masses but then they live you hanging. There is therefore need for more civic education” he said.

Photo/Ambole Okata: MIDRIFT’s Executive director Joseph Omondi.He wants MPs to operationalise the two thirds gender Principle.

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