Nutritionist Terry Mwago, Health eating ambassador

After her graduation, professional nutritionist Terry Mwago chose to go into private practice over being employed.
She started offering her services as a nutrition consultant to individuals and groups in and around Nakuru county. As the need for her services increased, she set up a place where those needing her services could find her.

Nutritionist Terry Mwago During a Men's training
Terry Mwago During a Men’s training

Terry Mwago’s main expertise is teaching people on healthy living and dietary requirements for a healthy fulfilling life. She offers training to organised groups, churches and community gatherings among other places.
Nutritionist Terry Mwago at a training
Nutritionist Terry Mwago at a training

She also offers her services both social and on mainstream media where she trains and lectures on healthy living answering questions from followers and listeners. She has radio programs on two Nakuru based local radio stations; Radio Amani and Ithaga FM.
Nutritionist Terry Mwago has been serving Nakuru residents for a number for years now. She has set up a shop, Vibrant Nutrition, where she stocks high nutritional foods for her clients.
“With the right diet and right eating habits, there is no reason why anyone should not enjoy a full vibrant life. This is what Vibrant Nutrition provides,” says the nutritionist.
Vibrant Nutrition is a nutrition centre in Nakuru that offers advice on good eating habits and supplies organic food.
“I saw a gap in the market. I want people to be able to access the food that I train about and that’s where the idea of setting up the nutrition centre came up,” reveals the Nutritionist.

Nutritionist Terry Mwago ’s Principles

Nutritionist Terry Mwago has a number of principles through which she runs her practice. One of her principles is Longevity. Her main focus is on being a good steward of the long-term well-being of her customers, representatives, employees, partners.
Her second principle is Quality. Terry strives to deliver premium and sustainable products and services for her customers.
The third one of her principles in running her practice as a nutritionist is being approachable. At Vibrant Nutrition, Nakuru, they openly share their Core Beliefs and welcome feedback on their mission, products, services and company.
Terry’s daily mantra is to improve the wellness and lifestyle of her clients by providing ways in which they can live life to the fullest in a healthy way.  In this regard, Vibrant Nutrition is setting itself up to be the industry leader in quality and customer service by providing first-rate products with prompt turn-around times.

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