Nothing to smile about for Solai dam victims 6 months since tragedy

Exactly six months since the Solai dam tragedy in Subukia Nakuru County happened on 9th May, for the affected families, there is little to smile about.

Save for reconstruction of classrooms that is ongoing at Solai Nyakinyua primary school, a few tanks donated to the school and four roomed houses being constructed for 20 people by a well wisher through the AIC church, there is little to be seen on the ground as far as restoration and reconstruction is concerned.

This despite the fact that when President Uhuru Kenyatta attended a memorial service at the Solai AIC church grounds he promised the government’s full support towards restoring the lives of those affected and also offering compensation.

In addition Senate adhoc committee that probed the tragedy made clear in their recommendations as far as compensation for the victims is concerned.

Six months since the tragedy nothing has been implemented.

During Friday’s 9th November service to mark six months since the tragedy affected families called on the government to live to it’s word and resettle them, offer compensation through the Patel family and also restore damaged infrastructure.

The families who spoke bitterly about how they have been neglected said it has been moments of waiting with some wondering why those who had rental houses have not been profiled for compensation.

“We are just wondering why some of us who had rentals had not been profiled for compensation” said elderly Mary Wangui.

Members of the affected families who spoke to the media claim that some iron sheets and water tanks donated by well wishers are yet to be accounted for.

They now want local administrators who were directly handling the donations to be held be held to account.

While recalling that the Patel family has been good to them, the victims said that they have no bad blood with the family adding that political brokers who are out to make money from them have been taking advantage of their plight to dupe the Patel family.

They say that should the Patel family have involved them directly before they handed over “compensation cheques” to selected people, they would have advised them on how to go about it instead of falling prey to gluttonous politicians.

Area MCA Dr. Peter Mbae called on President Uhuru Kenyatta to personally take charge of the Solai issue so that they spend Christmas a happy lot.

“We are calling on President to take charge of the whole issue” said Dr.Mbae.

Iregi Mwenja from the psychiatric disability organization- PDO who has been conducting counseling lessons since the Solai tragedy occurred said that they have managed to reach out to more than 50 families although they are yet to reach out to others who still need counseling.

He called on those who have been offering counseling services to resume because there are still more people who are traumatized.

“We still have more people still traumatized and therefore our appeal to those who were offering counseling services to resume” said Mr.Mwenja.

PHOTO/PSCU:President Uhuru Kenyatta consoles family members of the victims of Solai disaster on May 16,2018 in Nakuru.

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