Not yet Uhuru for Members of Nakuru Workers Cooperative Society

Members of Nakuru Workers Cooperative Society

Hundreds of the Nakuru Workers Cooperative Society members have decried injustice in how a case concerning their parcel of land was handled. In a petition, the members argue that the land located in Nakuru’s Pipeline and lies in Eburu-Mbaruk Ward, was bought in 1990 via a Sacco Nakuru Workers Co-operative Society and that all monies were paid in due time.

The members who held peaceful demonstrations in Nakuru CBD on Friday, April 19, 2024, faulted the courts for failing to ensure justice was served.

Addressing Journalists in Nakuru, the members led by Kaka James maintained that the land belongs to them and that a sale agreement was drawn with receipts of all payments made to Thuo Commercial Agencies presented in courts. Kaka James added that balloting was done in 1992 indicating that the Sacco had no debt and Muhia who acted as the Joint Advocate for both parties confirmed full payment in court.

However, they argue that the Title Deed for 63 Acres was never presented to the purchaser by Thuo Commercial Agencies even after receiving the final payment of Ksh 700,000.

“It’s Thuo Commercial Agencies and Muhia Joint Advocate who breached the contract not the Nakuru Workers Cooperative Society,” said James.

The members have faulted the board of the Co-operative Society claiming it was compromised by the vendor hence not being positive towards the case. They have added that the land is being grabbed by powerful individuals using their financial might to silence the members. If something is not done to safeguard the parcel of land, they say, it will deny them and the general public the amenities in the area such as a borehole and a polytechnic.

This even as members have differed with judgement in a case filed in 2013 by Thuo Commercial Agencies against the Co-operative Society for breach of contract.

The Judgement was read and delivered virtually on March 13, 2024.

The members have called on the County Government of Nakuru under Governor Susan Kihika and Nakuru Senator Tabitha Karanja to address the matter. They presented their petition to the County Secretary Dr.Samuel Mwaura who received it on behalf of Governor Susan Kihika.

“We are here to present our petition to the county government so that we can get justice as we now risk being evicted from the land we bought,” said Kaka James.

While speaking after receiving the petition, the County Secretary assured the members that the matter would be looked into.

“We have heard your concerns and I can assure you that they will reach the Governor and we shall communicate to the officials,” he stated.

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