Nominated Senator Lemaletian praises late Keen during launch of his book

The late John Keen’s Book ‘A PROFILE OF COURAGE’ has been launched.

The launch event was attended by family, friends and MAA community.

Speaking during the event, nominated Senator Hezena Lemaletian poured a bunch of praises to the late Keen.

According to her, Keen’s remarkable milestones in the Kenyan political space still today acts as a trail blazer to young politicians.

“I joined the family,friends and Maa Community in the Launch of the Late John Keen’s book, “A PROFILE OF COURAGE”. His remarkable milestones in the Kenyan politics still today act as a trailblazer for all young politicians who want to conquer far from home,” she said.

She expressed that she takes pride in knowing that the late Keen was a son of a Samburu daughter and an English-German father and yet still lived a great admirable life among the Maasai and they took so much pride in knowing he was as brave as the Samburu.

“It’s safe to say bravery is skin deep. May his legacy live across generations and generations. Grab a copy,” she added.

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