No more crowd visits at Nakuru Level 5 hospital

PHOTO/ entrance to Nakuru Level 5 Hospital administration.

Nakuru residents who have patients at the Nakuru Level 5 hospital have been advised not to cause congestion during visits even as the county health department puts measures in place in preparedness towards the fight against Corona Virus.

In the new directive, the County health department has appealed to residents with patients to ensure only one visitor per patient to avert social congestion as per the government directives.

According to Dr.Gerald Maina who is in charge of Preventive and promotive health services in Nakuru County, the health department is taking nothing by chance in relation to the corona virus issue.

“We are telling members of the public who have patients at the Nakuru Level 5 that we shall only accept one visitor per patient so as to avert congestion” said Dr.Maina.

Dr.Maina adding that as a Department there are ready with mechanisms in place developed by the Preventive team.

He spoke at the Nakuru Level 5 Hospital on Tuesday during a second cohort of journalists’ training on corona virus and how the media should help in disseminating the right information.

According to the head Nakuru County Preventive and promotive health services, the corona virus is manageable disease.

He however called on Media to ensure the right information dissemination to the citizens in Nakuru County.

“The more people we reach, the more we shall be able to contain this disease and media is key” he said.

It should be noted that in Nakuru, there is an isolation Ward for confinement though no single case of corona virus has been confirmed.

Public Health officer in charge of Nakuru Level 5 hospital Florence Basweti calling on members of public to ensure they observe simple behavior of hand washing with soap or sanitizer.

“We call on members of the public to ensure they embrace hand washing and sanitation. Those with Gated community should be encouraged to have washing sites and sanitization” she said.

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