Njoro residents protest accusing police, administrators for colluding with illicit brewers

Police in Njoro were forced to use teargas to disperse angry residents who had blocked the Njoro-Molo Road accusing the police and local administrators of colluding with notorious illicit brewers in the area.

The locals who invaded two of dens illicit brew in Konza City and Jua Kali areas said the administrators had failed in the fight against the illicit brew which had let to the death one young person while another was undergoing treatment at the Nakuru Level 5 Hospital after consuming the illicit brew.

They accused one brewer identified as Ms Njambi for her continued operation in the business despite raising their concerns to the area OCPD, Deputy county commissioner as well as Chiefs over the same.

The irate locals landed on the house of the Ms Njambi destroying her household before the police came in to her rescue.

The locals calling on County Commissioner Joshua Nkanatha to move in with speed and ensure there is reshuffle of the administrators in the area.

Led by Njoro Bodada Association Chairman Dominic Nyakundi, the locals said they will not relent until all the illicit brew dens are destroyed in the area.

They called on area MP Charity Kathambi and MCA to stand with them in the fight against illicit brew in the area.

“We are calling on County Commissioner Nkanatha to step in and ensure all the police officers and administrators are reshuffled in this area to enable the fight against illicit brew successful.As youth we will not watch as our fellows die of illicit brew” said Nyakundi.

Sentiments echoed by area youths led by John Njoroge alias Mtetetezi who vowed to work closely with others in ensuring all the illicit brew dens in Njoro are destroyed completely.

The youths calling on President Uhuru Kenyatta to step in and ensure the administrators in the area who are colluding with the illicit brewers are reshuffled.

“As youths we have decided no more illicit brew dens in Njoro and we are calling on President Kenyatta to visit Njoro and do something concerning our administrators and the police who have shown no interest in the fight” said Njoroge.

Njoro Business Community led by Andrew Mureithi also calling on government to ensure that the vise is eradicated in the area.

According to Mureithi when people die after consuming illicit brew it is a big blow to business and the society at large.

“This chang’aa has brought a lot of problems in our society and we are calling on the government of the day to do something so that we do not continue to loose productive people” said Mueithi.

Similar sentiments echoed by Businessman Mr.Kariuki who said it was wrong for such a vise to grow roots in society as administrators watch.

While condemning the police who used excessive force on innocent Kenyans who had taken up the initiative to end illicit brew in the area, Mr.Kariuki called on interior CS Dr Fred Matiang’i to make a visit to Njoro and ensure the matter is addressed.

“I want to condemn the police for using teargas on innocent Kenyans but also call on CS Matiang’i to visit this area” said Kariuki.

PHOTO/Joseph Makumi:Angry residents blocked the Njoro-Molo Road accusing the police and local administrators of colluding with notorious illicit brewers in the area.

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