Njoro MP lauds President Kenyatta over Njoro-Nessuit Road

Njoro Member of Parliament Charity Kathambi has lauded the national government on matters infrastructure in Njoro.

In a statement,Kathambi says the national government heard the cry of Njoro people when she lobbied for the construction of Njoro-Nessuit Road.

The first time Legislator says she will not tire in lobbying for development in Njoro.

Currently,she is lobbying for completion of Mauche-Sururu Road.

Kathambi says improved infrastructure is key as farmers will be able to transport their produce to markets hence growth of economy.

“Improved infrastructure is key in matters economy growth” she said.

The  Legislator expressing her special thanks to President Uhuru Kenyatta for remembering  Njoro-Nessuit road.

She has also lauded former Nakuru Governor Kinuthia Mbugua who currently  is the State House controller.

According Kathambi,Mbugua has always backed her in lobbying for Njoro-Nessuit road and other projects through Statehouse.

Currently, Njoro-Nessuit is a success story for the residents of Njoro constituency.

Other roads constructed in Njoro as from 2017 include upgrade to butamen of; Miti-mingi storembili road, Bombo-Mauche Road, Mwisho wa lami-Kisiri Narok and Naishi- Pwani.

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