Njoro family in agony over huge medical bill

David Wachira Muriithi-a father of 2 kids in Ngondu Village of Njoro Sub County is calling on well wishers to help him cater for 6 million shillings medical fee to rectify his condition of paralysis he developed in 2013.

Wachira says in 2013 he was diagnosed with a severe spine growth which also did break his t8 and t9 plates of the spinal cord and due to that he underwent a spinal cord operation and had it fixed with plates and 9 screws to align it after removing the growth which was a painful experience for him though a successful 9hrs surgery.

He thought this would help him but to make matters worse immediately after the surgery he became paralyzed from waist downwards.“The situation worsened after the surgery as I became paralyzed from waist downwards” he says.

Wachira who was the sole bread winner for the family became immobile and could not do anything by himself but had to depend and live at the mercies of his wife Teresia Wangari.

He further developed another problem where he could now not fold his knees and his waist which are actually stiff and rigid a problem is known as paraplegia.

This forced him to undergo an Xray and had a referral where he was supposed to go to lndia last year (2017) with medical fee of Kshs.6million. He did a fundraising targeting Ksh.6million but instead raised only Ksh. 500,000 not even a quarter of the required amount which would cover four separate operations in both his knees and his hip.

The wife says the state of Wachira means he has to be assisted in everything from feeding, washing, and changing his dippers (which he had to use due to lack of control of these nature calls).

“He has to be assisted in everything from feeding, washing, and changing his dippers” she says.

The family is also undergoing financial strain as Wachira was the sole bread winner but now he is helpless.Wangari adds that due to the fact that Wachira could not control his urine, he had to use a catheter and pumpers which the family cannot afford.

It is for this that the Nakuru county assembly women MCA caucus has stepped in calling on well wishers to come to the aid of the family through contribution to meet the Kshs. 6 million target.

Led by the caucus chair Njoro’s nominated MCA Susan Njuguna, the women MCAs who have visited the family on several occasion believe that Wachira if taken to India as per the doctor’s recommendation then he shall be able to walk again.

“I have hope that Wachira will walk again and therefore as Nakuru county women MCAs we are appealing to Kenyans to come out and contribute the little they have towards meeting the Kshs.6 million” She said.

Sentiment echoed by nominated MCAs Catherine Kamau and Elizabeth Gichuki who stated that they will do all they can in ensuring Wachira walks again.




PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:David Wachira Muriithii at his home in Ngondu Village of Njoro Sub County when he was visited by Nakuru county assembly women MCAs caucus.He needs Kshs.6 million to undergo surgery in India.

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