Ngunjiri:Kenya does not need political parties anymore

Bahati Member of Parliment Kimani Ngunjiri says that there is longer a need of having  political parties and coalitions in Kenya if dynasties are the ones to decide who will rule.

The Defiant Ngunjiri who is a close ally to Deputy President William Ruto  said that political parties have no meaning in a country where a select few decide on who becomes President.

He asked  president Uhuru Kenyatta to stop politics when common man is suffering from floods, covid-19 pandemic and hunger.

“The millions of money we give to the Jubilee party as members where does it go? It is supposed to help Kenyan citizen now to curb the corona virus pandemic and those affected by floods,” said Kimani Ngunjiri.

He accused President Kenyatta of destroying the jubilee party

“KANU was not in the alliance during the fight to make Uhuru Kenyatta the president,” he said

He claimed that the Kenyatta and Moi families were powerful entities controlling the Kenyan politics.

” It is KANU, ODM and part of Jubilee that are  leading the country,” he said.

“There is a possibility that dynasties will rule Kenya forever because as things stand  Gideon Moi may succeed president Uhuru Kenyatta,” he added.

“The 2022 election will be between dynasties and the common people,” he added.

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